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Magic Cube is a comprehensive ecosystem for decentralized finance (DeFi). The ecosystem is driven and kicked off by the Magi Power Community, a Meme culture based community to open the door to the Magic Cube ecology.
The Magic Cube ecosystem mainly covers the two parts at the current stage: Magic Power Community and Magic Cube assets minting system. Magic Power Community issues MGP token to carry the value of the community and connect the assets minting system as MGP could be burnt to mint USDM, the algorithm stablecoin of the ecosystem.
Magic Cube ecosystem is running with the dual-chain mechanism that the applications are built on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, including the tokens of MGP, USDM and MAGC, the ecological governance token for incentives.
You can mint mcAssets, the synthetic assets at Gringotts Bank by collateralizing USDM, and the mcAssets will make profits for users at other system of Magic Cube ecosystem, including trading at RingSwap, Staking for mining at Dwarf Pool, liquidity provider (LP) at Box Staking, and cross chain transfer at Glen Bridge.
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